Source Central oversaw the digital transformation roadmap of the Diocese and provided them with a plan to ensure that reviewed the current state of their IT/websites/intranet to improve performance, agility and set the strategy for the infrastructure and skills required to meet their needs into the future. 

The Diocese outlined that the current challenges lie in needing to streamline electronic communications to support effective access, privacy concerns, functionality and communication while ensuring durability. 

Also requested was the need to identify what human resources are required to implement the above, as well as provide a scope for best practice in this area and to provide recommendations and a roadmap that will best fulfil the needs of Catholic Education over the next 5 years.  

Our approach highlighted the most critical issues and focused on quick wins for the Diocese with feedback given on a fortnightly basis. This approach enabled the Diocese to show fast, business driven and measurable improvements for this review as quickly as possible while building the documentation and strategy for the long term. 

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